Due to limited Production size, I am starting to collect contact info for individuals who wish to purchase one of our first production run jackets.   The launch size is being limited due to it being our first release, and I want to make sure anything that we are putting out into the ecosystem is the best product I can make. 

The entire release is being done through a pre-sale - which will have a production lead time of 3-4 weeks depending on the movement of materials, etc.  The pre-order will also be funding the next phase in my production cycle.  In some ways It can be considered crowd sourcing.   Please include your correct phone number as I will be contacting a few of the applicants personally. 

It's important that the early sales of the product are going towards individuals who will use them and provide the best feed back possible. 

I can also be reached directly at Dan@shroudcamo.com or through any of my social media platforms. 

IG = @shroudcamo 


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