Weekly Update - March 19th 2021

So, I usually provide a weekly update for everyone who's just joining us. We're almost at the point where I can start showing some images of the jacket etc, Terran's out in Calgary and will be dealing with the manufacturer quite a bit during this process. From my side, dealing with everything else, I finally have the time to start managing the IG accounts. I took over that a few days ago, you can probably tell the posts have changed a bit to suit the needs of IG, and that advertising environment. Currently, we're waiting on some feedback from our current camouflage prints before I start pushing more out, I'm still working on them though, there will likely be some updates over the next few weeks in our private group in reference to these. There are some really cool things I want to do in ref. to one of the patterns its just unfortunate That I don't have the time to do so. We should also have some media being pushed out - we gave some pretty cool branded shirts to the Veteran Hunters, If you're a Veteran be sure to check them out on FB. They organize hunts for veterans etc. Incredible company that fills a much-needed gap, and empowers guys to get out and be back in nature. Terran is heavily involved with them as well as a really cool group called the Way Finders. If you ever want a good cause to donate to I definitely recommend either of them. Our first month of sales definitely surpassed anything we expected. It's allowed us to hand out some free camo t-shirts to a few social media influencers, as well as a large chunk of the cost of producing the shirts for the veteran hunters came out of this advertising fund. So, not only were your purchases a great help! Some of your money went to support some great people and great causes. ( we've pocketed nothing so far ) We also have a giveaway going on if any of you have missed it. It ends on the 31st There are two prizes, a camo shirt, and a graphic shirt that will be shipping out at the end of that. - I'm also throwing in a hat for each of the winners. So if you're not following us on IG get on that! We also had someone who has a cable TV show reach out to us about our patterns, which completely blew me away. Not going to advertise, or announce anything else on that unless something transpires. With that said, we're also starting to hand out discount codes to social media influencers and people with substantial followings who have shown up to support us. So if you're reading this and you're interested in this email me - message me... What these codes essentially allow us to do is track where the sales are being generated from outside of our own social media feeds. This is going to allow us to properly target where the stuff we are able to give out is being directed towards. Essentially if you produce sales for us we're definitely going to make sure you're getting products once they're available. Another thing that we're doing that I haven't yet made a big formal announcement about is, all the sales numbers that come through are also logged within our internal systems. Someone who has ordered from us is going to be a pretty lucky person in a few months as all those sales numbers are going to be used as tickets for a big giveaway once our jackets are through production. - I wish I had more to show this week, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Once again, I'd like to thank everyone for reading these. It's been an experience and a half to see this many people show up. I never thought in a million years people would be messaging us as excited as they are for our products. Until next week. -Dan

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