What is Shroud Camo?

Updated: Mar 16

A lot of structure is still being created around the company to create the end state that we are aiming for. A lot has been done so far, but a lot more will have to be accomplished before we get things where they need to be. One of the main parts of this formula that I'm trying to build into the company is one of transparency. Naturally, there will be things we won't be able to share, i.e. exactly how I go about doing certain things, which I think everyone can understand. But I will not be trying to inflate what we do, or with how I'm presenting this project.

First, why the name Shroud, and what does it mean? To Shroud means to envelop something and conceal it. To obscure something from vision that you don't want to be seen. Hence, Hunt Unseen. At our core, that is the ultimate objective. It's no secret what we're working towards, but I'm going to explain how we intend on getting there.

With our camouflage, we will be constantly updating and making prints available on our website. It's important for people as consumers to understand what these prints are, how they function within the ecosystem of the company, and what they provide to the consumer. They are, foremost, the most economical way that I can provide you with custom printed camo sweaters, and shirts. These are printed one at a time, as they are ordered. We hold no inventory of them. And they are the same articles I order for myself. I also order square yardages of fabric, but I doubt very much the average consumer is interested in purchasing expensive fabric squares.

With that said, what is their value, and I believe for the people purchasing them it should be more than just a camo sweater. It's also a direct line to influence our product as it moves forward. It allows me to directly bridge the gap between the company and the consumer. This allows us to have a growth strategy that is both organic and as honest as possible.

It lets you tell us what does and doesn't work for you individually. We also do not have the time, or resources to test a new camo pattern in environments all over the world every time I have a new idea. I can't be everywhere I can't do everything alone, none of us can.

For outerwear, I have the same outlook. Our first garment came out of a lot of contemplation, and time sitting in the elements. The first thing I wanted to provide was a very usable shell concept. Our garments aren't going to look similar to what a lot of other companies are making. They're not going to be intentionally stylish, they're designed to be lived in, and shelter you from the elements. These will be produced in lower volumes. They will receive updates, and design changes as frequently as we can.

To facilitate this strategy I have also created a private Facebook group. The people who exist inside that group are individuals who have shown a genuine interest. Some of the people inside the group are customers - others are social media influencers. I don't advertise this group, I won't even be directly mentioning it on our social media platforms, and it's completely locked down and private. Our current social media framework allows us to isolate and focus our efforts efficiently.

Once this internal group is functioning how I hope it to, It's going to allow for a lot of direct input, especially early on. There will be times when we will also have budgets in place to provide articles of clothing & gear that are in development etc. Where those go will be influenced by this group, and how many we have available will be determined by several factors - financial outlook ie. how many test prints we've sold - etc. I will also be putting together a plan to handle the licensing of camouflage.

I'm ultimately creating an ecosystem that allows for passionate people to support me in developing what I hope to be some of the best pieces of kit you'll ever own, and then we're going to make them even better.

- Dan

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